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Architect J. van Stigt
Client ING Vastgoed Ontwikkeling BV
Year 1999
Location Netherlands, Amsterdam
Material Glass, Steel
Application Roof, Renovation

'The main load bearing construction of the roof over this atrium, 26 by 28  meters,  consists  of  a  constructive  grid of  intersecting  tubes  in two  directions.  Maximal  module  size  is  eight  by  eight  meters. These tubes are fitted with round tension trusses for vertical downward forces and vertical compression tubes on the intersection of the large tubes. Downward directed bars, anchored into the concrete attic floor, absorb the upward wind load. The roof modules are divided by a secondary stainless steel tensile structure system underneath. The double glazing panels are attached to the Quattro-nodes by glued disks.

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Netherlands, Amsterdam

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