Company profile

Besides a high-class design, engineering and manufacturing company, we also play a role as a specialised contractor. Octatube is unique in the Netherlands, carrying out projects in-house from design to completion. Octatube is based in Delft. Mick Eekhout is the General Director and holds a position as a Professor in Product Development at the Faculty of Structural Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. His son, Nils Eekhout, is the Technical Director. Octatube has a workforce of over 80 people, divided over our Design & Engineering, Production & Installation and Project Management departments. All our departments are situated in one building where collaboration between the departments is tight. We believe it is essential in our delivery of innovative and dependable results.

Design & Engineering

Our designers and engineers come from a wide range of backgrounds in structural, civil and mechanical engineering and architectural & industrial design. They form the backbone of the company and our inventiveness, innovation, engineering excellence and they have a comprehensive expertise in the design of materials, details, elements and components.

The five main activities of the Design & Engineering department are design, engineering, calculation, estimating, and work planning.

Production & Installation

Our Production & Installation department manufactures (stainless) steel and aluminium sections and components. Our factory is also ideally equipped for prototyping, fabrication and testing of prototypes and mock-ups and the mechanical testing of structural elements and complete products. Some architects even compare our production facilities to an oversized model workshop. The Design & Engineering department is frequently involved in this work. The Production & Installation department is also responsible for all other components manufactured by our suppliers and subcontractors such as glass panels and GRP elements.

Components and structural elements are transported from the factory to the site location, where the installation department takes responsibility for further surveying, installation and fitting. Within the Netherlands most of the installation and supervision work is carried out by our own staff, while further afield the work is usually carried out by a local qualified subcontractor under Octatube’s supervision.

Project Management

The role of the project management department is to monitor the quality and progress of ongoing projects. The project leader is the first point of contact for the client and all parties involved in the construction work. All our Project Managers at Octatube have an engineering background and take a solidly solutions-oriented approach.

Quality management and safety

Ensuring the delivery of high-quality components, products and systems comes as second nature to Octatube. Octatube’s quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015. Octatube guarantees the safety of all our activities in accordance with the VCA** guidance. Both quality and safety are audited annually by Lloyd’s Register.