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all-glass elevator shaft

Faculty of Architecture TU Delft

2 large atriums

The Curve

form complexity in glass


dome with cardboard supporting structure
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Iris gives us a glimpse into her work as structural engineer and project ma...
01-05-2018  Bouwwereld - Passage Tilburg
The wavy roof of the central shopping area in Tilburg is supported by a ver...
maconha medicinal em Nova york drogas de bloqueador de canal de cálcio
Besides a high-class design, engineering and manufacturing company, we also play a role as a specialised contractor. Octatube is unique in its kind able to carry out projects in-house from design to completion.

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Octatube designs, develops and constructs challenging architectural structures, with an emphasis on advanced applications of glass and steel. Challenge our engineers in your project!

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