Octatube builds new headquarters

And also the production halls will be expanded. Octatube has started with the ground works for this new building, right next to our current office and production halls in Delft. Completion is planned for the end of 2023.

Design and build

We are creating a place where design and build are in constant contact with each other, fully supporting our unique way of working. It will be an instructive and inspiring environment with plenty of room for interaction. On the outside, the buildings have a well-defined structure. The interior spaces are flexible and can be arranged as required. This fits with how Octatube is organized: a holistic system with self-managing teams in which Octans follow their own flexible path.

Contact with the surrounding area

By using a lot of glass in the facades of both the office building and the production halls, we intentionally seek interaction and connection with our surroundings. Neighbours and passers-by can easily look inside to see what we do and make. They see the process, the products, the working methods and working environment. Our buildings will not be closed boxes, but will form an open and lively setting. This strengthens our reputation as a manufacturing company.

Comfort and sustainability

As B-corp, we want a safe and healthy working environment for all Octans. For this we follow the PoR Healthy Offices 2021 - class B. In the new building we also pay great attention to sustainability and the environment. For example, just like our current halls, the new halls will be filled with solar panels. We are going to use every m2 for this. Heat/cold generation is done through a soil system (geothermal) and the new buildings (both office and hall) has a primary energy consumption of <0 kWh/m2.


The interior spaces are flexible and can be freely divided. This allows us to respond to changing needs and size. This applies to the office but also to the production halls which interior spaces can move along depending on the size of the project. The office building starts with two floors. But structurally (and in terms of heat generation) it is ready for the addition of two extra floors.


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