Eye-catching canopy in the making: Olympia Canopy

Curved steel arches and zigzag ladder frames are covered with glass panels to create an unusual architectural aesthetic for the redevelopment of the 150-year-old Olympia development in the heart of London. Octatube is commissioned to design and build this eye-catching canopy designed by Heatherwick Studio.

The canopy consists of five large curved structural steel arches, each spanning 22m. 52 Steel zigzag ladder frames with lengths up to 12m span between the five arches. The tapered ladder frames are clad with 520 rectangular low-iron glass panels. The transparent canopy has a surface of almost 1000m2.

This remarkable canopy will cover part of the public realm and will host bars, cafes and restaurants, bringing new life to this area of West Kensington. Construction starts in summer of 2023.

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