Bouwwereld - Bicycle parking Vijfhoek

Glass entrance for luxurious bicycle parking   "The bicycle parking garage Strawinsky is striking because of its glass entrance with Y-shaped columns in the middle and a light roof construction made of strip steel in hexagonal shapes. Underground, too, special and high-quality details have been applied.

The Strawinsky bicycle parking garage is the third bicycle parking facility in the vicinity of the NS Station Amsterdam-Zuid. The underground parking facility is located on the city side (north side) of Strawinskylaan and offers space for 3750 bicycles in various types and sizes. The parking has become much more than a simple concrete container. Architecture firm wUrck and contractor Van Boekel Bouw & Infra won the tender for design and construction with a design that scored highly in terms of quality, panning and reduction of hindrance. The high quality of the design is already visible at ground level in the special pergola-like structure in front of the entrance, which was engineered together with Octatube. In the parking facility itself the expanded metal ceiling islands, which are designed as large leaves against the ceiling, the Y-shaped steel columns located between the bicycle stands and the illuminated glass walls at both entrances to the station are striking."

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