Rabobank Venlo

Facade, Elevator

The new regional office of the Rabobank in Venlo is a clustering of all small town offices in the region  The choice of the architect Clevis Kleinjans to divide the public and semi-public functions crosswise per floor, is clearly read in the glass curtain walls that Octatube has realized.

The curtain wall steel profiles are partly  twisted  due to the double rotation that the different facades of the building make. Vertically, the glass panels are fixed with an aluminium cover profile, horizontally with a silicon joint and at the diagonal angle the glass panels are fixed in the joint with a recessed spacer, so the glass connection is not visible. This ensures a rigid diagonal line that continues in the patterns of the natural stone cladding. The glass facade of the Rabobank has security glazing and given its’ location along the A67 highway the insulated glass panels meet the tough noise reduction requirements.

Inside the public atrium Octatube designed a all-glass lift shaft of 7 meters high, where the glass panels in the corner are connected with specially developed stainless steel nodes. The glasspanels support each other for all vertical and horizontal forces in the all glass corners.

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