Glass, Steel
Roof, Renovation

The Glass Hall, as this project is known, is the former courtyard of the old Portugese synagogue, now covered with glass. The interior space is one of the most popular locations in The Hague for presentations, debates, diners, receptions and concerts. Besides the hall is also popular as wedding location.

In June 2004 Octatube has started with the installation of this special covered exterior space for the Liberal Jewish Society in The Hague. The space connects a manor at the Prinsessegracht to the 18th century synagogue. A table construction of round steel profiles is stabalised only by the fundation; the monumental synagogue remains untouched. The high level of transparency of the roof and the facades is achieved by a stainless steel tensile structure. Double glass units with a green hue are covering the space, that has a pleasent indoor climate as a result.

The glass fixation is realised by means of stainless steel Quattro nodes. Along the longitudal facades a bespoke horizontal edge detail has been introduced to bridge the gap between the glass roof and the existing surrounding walls. Ventilation windows are included in both the facades and the roof lights. By situating the cuboid shape above the synagogue entrance, the old building is visually embraced.

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