Van Leeuwen Experience Centre

Glass, Steel

A new transparent glass showroom will welcome visitors to the Van Leeuwen Buizen Groep in Zwijndrecht (The Netherlands). From this light-flooded location, visitors have a direct view of the advanced transport and sorting system in the impressive warehouse. Octatube is realising the supporting structure and facades of this new experience centre.

To make room for the experience centre, part of the warehouse wall will be demolished. The concrete bumper will be retained. Against it, we are erecting a rectangular glass extension 23 metres wide, 8 metres deep and 10 metres high. The supporting structure of the glass facades consists of silver-grey powder-coated tubular columns, which Van Leeuwen will of course supply itself.

The three glass facades with a total area of 545 m2 consist of 132 laminated double glazed glass panels. We fasten the glass panels together at the corner points with round nodes. These nodes are connected to steel swords that are attached to the tubular supporting structure.

The tubes of the supporting structure are special: they are made with a low CO2 footprint.

The experience centre will function as an exhibition and presentation space for Van Leeuwen and its expertise in products and services. It will be finished in early 2024.

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