Diamond Exchange wins Dutch Steel Award 2020

We are proud! The Diamond Exchange has won a Dutch Steel Award 2020 in the category 'Non-Residential Construction'. 

The national monument underwent a major renovation designed by architects ZJA in collaboration with Heyligers design + projects. We were involved in this project as a Design & Build partner and were given space to innovate in engineering, construction, production and assembly. Contemporary techniques were interwoven in all phases of the project. 

Jury member Wico Ankersmit: “The restoration of the monument with it being largely returned to the original design by Gerrit van Arkel is a success. After the building was given a modern roof structure in 1990, it has now been carefully restored to its original form and a contemporary volume has been added. The transparent and spherical new roof structure with organic lines is clearly visible on the roof, but at the same time it has a modest appearance. It fully respects the original design of the building, is not obtrusive, but also offers an exciting,
contemporary addition. Structurally it is a spectacular design, in which little extra steel has been used. It blends nicely with the monument without appearing pompous. It is an innovative construction with sophisticated detailing. A combination of techniques in design and implementation, and that at an inner-city location. A modern addition to a classical building. It makes sense

Read more about this project here.  


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