Volkskrant - Art Center Sneek

“Nothing of the old Art Center is visible from the old town. The entrance, opposite the Martini Church, is hidden in between the facades of two old schools. Those have been demolished and replaced by a new music school. The new Art Center opens itself behind, as if it is a hidden piece within the city. Entire alleys, streets and a small square are concealed underneath a glass roof.”

“It has all been done very intelligently. The glass roof is situated high above the atrium and beautifully connects to the old buildings. It connects the Noorder Church (now a small theatre), the Bolwerk (concert podium and jazz cafe) and the old presbytery (now turned into large ateliers). New buildings have also been added, such as a second theatre and a dancing hall. Those also fit neatly in the old town, creating a fine communal area where art institutions can prosper.”
source: Volkskrant, December 2012


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