A science centre to look forward to!

In the heart of Heillbronn, Germany, an expansion for the science centre Experimenta is being build. The helical shaped building, designed by Sauerbruch Hutton, will complement the adjacent existing building and offer additional exhibition areas. A multifunctional "Science Dome", seminar and event rooms as well as a roof terrace with an observatory are being built. The facade will turn into a smooth surface of dark and light triangles. Octatube has been contracted to build the internal eye catcher; a 4 storey, glass, spiral-ascending structure.

When you enter through the foyer you immediately see the 25 meter high glass spiral-ascending structure. The four themed worlds unfold on the way through. At the same time you have a view of the atrium and Octatube’s construction from every floor.

Octatube was contracted because we were able to convert the challenging and complex design into a buildable technical design. We convinced the customer that we were able to cope with the complex assembly process.

The client opted for a design without the use of visible fixings. The glass panels of 6 x 3 meters and over 1000 kg are therefore secured with a glue joint. This method is not common in Germany. Therefore a special permit had to be obtained from the local Bundesland (federal state). Octatube did all the paperwork regarding the permit. Octatube enclosed the exact design and the different ways in which the glass will safely stay in place. Octatube assured the local Bundesland that the design is secure and permission to build was given.

The glass panels are 6 by 3 meter and the available space in which to build is limited. On a building site where several construction teams are at work, assembly of the glass structure will be a challenge. Of course we’ll keep you updated in the following months. One thing is certain; the new science centre Experimenta is something to look forward to and discover!

A 3D-impression of the structure that Octatube will built.


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