Glass panels The Diamond (Heineken Corner) installed

All the triangular glass panels of the facade of the new building The Diamond in Amsterdam have been installed. As the panels are all placed at an angle it creates a special effect.

The new building - designed by MVSA Architects - is the transformation of the well-known Heineken Corner on Leidseplein in Amsterdam. Octatube is design & build partner for the transparent, glass, suspended curtain wall and canopy that gives this iconic building its unique look.

We installed the more than 800 triangular glass panels. This outer façade has no structural function but is purely an aesthetic addition. The glass panels are held in place by stainless steel nodes that we designed specifically for this façade. Diamond-shaped caps complete these nodes. The nodes are attached to steel cables using stainless steel clamps.

We pre-stressed the cables between steel outriggers (swords) at the top and so-called nesting boxes (steel consoles in the concrete structure) at the bottom. We designed these nesting boxes so that coarse concrete tolerances can be translated into very small tolerances needed for the detailing of the glass façade.

The glass façade ends in a glass canopy supported by stainless steel swords. Under these canopies, the terrace and entrances will soon be located. Energy-efficient LED lighting on the inside of the façade, when completed, will add a subtle sparkle to the diamond-like glass outer façade at night.

Caransa Groep B.V. | J.P. van Eesteren | TBI | MVSA Architects | Heineken Nederland 



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