Paper Bridge


The temporary cardboard bridge near Avignon in the south of France, has a span of 20 meters and is build up by 280 cardboard tubes, each with a diameter of 115mm and a thickness of 19mm. The steps are made of recycled paper and plastic.
The structure was assembled in cooperation with the faculty of Architecture of Montpellier. The bridge has been exposed to the public for 2 months during a cultural event. It is located only a short distance away from the famous Roman aquaduct the Pont du Gard in France. The cardboard structure has been installed and disassembled again several summers.

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban is internationally renowned for his ingenious applications of cardboard in temporary and permanent structures. Octatube has realized 3 different structures together with Shigeru ban: this bridge, a work of art and a large dome. Everytime design, development and research were integrated in the search for a suitable structural concept, choice of materials, component design, production and assembly.

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