New project: Heineken Hoek

It will be an iconic building on a beautiful and central location in our capital city. The metamorphosis of the famous Heineken Hoek at the Leidseplein in Amsterdam has begun. Octatube is realizing the spectacular transparent facade and canopy.

The old building dating from 1900 will be completely replaced by a new one. With six storeys and a basement there will be space for catering facilities and a four-star hotel. The most striking feature of the design of MVSA Architects is the double façade.

The inner façade will function as a thermal shell and consists of white sheet material with different depths. This creates relief. The transparent outer façade will consist of glass triangles positioned at a variety of different angles and supported by a cable construction. This will give the façade a diamond-like appearance. In the evening, the interior surface of the façade is subtly illuminated by energy-efficient LED lighting.

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