Gridshell C30 in Bouwwereld and Bouwen met Staal

Octatube has covered one of the monumental courtyards of Shell C30-building in The Hague with an impressive and unique gridshell. A challenging task in engineering, construction, production and assembly.

In the most recent edition of Bouwwereld, Octatube colleague Iris Rombouts (project leader and structural engineer) takes the reader along all the complex challenges that Octatube took on in realising this double-curved canopy.

In the April edition of Bouwen met Staal, an extensive article can be found on the unique gridshell. Focussing on the interesting dynamics between old and new: how does a high-tech construction fit in the monumental character of the building; how does modern steel and aluminium fit in with the existing masonry ornamentation; which requirements and limitations does the existing monumental building set for the assembly and how can the large steel elements be assembled without hindering the users? Octatube colleagues Koos Fritzsche (sales engineer) and Jort Winkel (structural engineer) provide the answers.


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