Responsibly and sustainable

making measurable impact now for future generations

With our innovative mindset and responsible use of resources we design and build challenging, complex and iconic structures for an extended lifespan. In doing so, we actively contribute to achieving the ambitions of creating a sustainable built environment.

A little more social and sustainable every day. Octatube stands for making a positive impact on all Octans, our (local) community and our environment. After all, business success goes perfectly well with impactful entrepreneurship, social innovation and sustainability.

Octatube is B Corp Certified, a certification that demonstrates our measurable high standards and goals in social and environmental performance and transparency. B Corps are businesses balancing people, planet and profit, and we’re proud to be one of them! We also believe we can and should always do better. Being a Certified B Corporation stimulates us to keep making progress.

Our focus is on Sustainable Development Goals 11 (sustainable cities and communities) and 12 (responsible consumption and production) of the United Nations. Particularly in the area of environmental impact, there is still much to be gained for us – and in the construction industry in general.

As design and build company we recognize the importance of responsible production. In our processes we minimise the use of materials, energy and transport, and the amount of waste. We use recycled steel , sustainable produced timber and other environmental friendlier materials.

Our in-house developed ECO2 calculation tool helps us track how much CO2 a project emits. It gives our engineers information about the CO2 levels of possible design options, which they can then share with external partners and clients so that choices can be adjusted accordingly.

We believe that by managing resources and by collaborating with various stakeholders, we can create a sustainable environment in which both current and future generations can do what they want to do most. Including realizing challenging architecture.