At Octatube, sustainability, quality and safe and healthy working are high on the agenda.

B corp
We want to make a positive impact on our environment, our community, our employees and the rest of the world. Since 2020, we have been allowed to call ourselves a B Corp. With this international certification, we show that business success and profit are perfectly compatible with impactful entrepreneurship, sustainability and social innovation.

Quality: ISO 9001
Our focus is on high-quality, specialised and innovative building components, with customer satisfaction as a starting point. We are ISO 9001 certified. This international standard specifies the requirements that our quality management system must meet. An audit is carried out every year. We make project control plans and carry out product checks to monitor quality. We continuously strive to improve and increase customer satisfaction.

Safe and healthy working: ISO 45001, VCA** and SCL
At Octatube, we are jointly responsible for working in a healthy and safe manner. We follow all safety instructions and tell or alert each other if a situation feels unsafe so we can take precautions to protect ourselves, our clients, suppliers and other people we work with.

Constructionline Gold
Octatube has received Constructionline Gold Accreditation, including SSIP Acclaim Health & Safety. Our clients and partners in the UK can now easily see that our environmental, quality, health & safety management meet high standards. We pursue high environmental and social performance standards, transparency and accountability, and we continuously reflect on how to increase our impact further.

Octatube is ISO 45001 certified. This international standard for management systemsof occupational health and safety (OH&S), based on conventions and guidelines of the International Labour Organization and Dutch standards. aiming on providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees and visitors, reducing occupational injuries and diseases and promoting and protecting physical and mental health. Octatube meets all the requirements.

Octatube is also VCA** certified. VCA is short for 'Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors' (Veiligheids Checklist Aannemers in Dutch) or SCC in English and is meant for safer working and reducing the number of accidents. Octans on the construction site have their VCA diploma.

Safety Culture Ladder (SCL)
Octatube is certified for the Safety Culture Ladder - also known as Safety Ladder - step 3. The SCL is a method to measure safety awareness, attitude and behaviour in companies. The aim is to reduce the number of unsafe situations, resulting in a decrease in incidents. With an emphasis on company culture, the SCL highlights other aspects than systems such as ISO 45001 and VCA. Naturally, procedures and documents are checked, but the focus is even more on interviews with employees to get a feeling for their safety awareness, attitude and behaviour. The SCL ladder consists of five steps. The higher the safety awareness, the higher the step.

Through the certification process, we have grown as a company and become more aware of our Health & Safety policy, especially in terms of culture and awareness. We now have a complete H&S system, in which all company certifications (VCA**, ISO 45001 and SCL) ratify each other.

Steel parts: CE / UKCA
NEN-EN 1090 specifies the requirements for execution of structural steelwork and manufactured components. From the 1st of July 2014 certification in accordance with NEN-EN 1090 becomes mandatory for all steelworks. Octatube has been certified and complies with the conformity of structural steel works (CE-marking and UKCA-marking), execution class EXC3.