SR Sparebank
SR Sparebank

SR Sparebank

Glass, Steel

The bank office on the prominent location in the city centre of Stavanger is upgraded with a new façade in 2015. One of the challenges was that the appearance of the new façade had to be identical to the existing 60's single glass curtain wall. The same slender profiles, outfitted with insulation glass with solar control to realize a high quality thermal skin. The principle of the façade is a so-called ‘reversed’ curtain wall, with the structural profiles on the outside. The 250 m² façade is provided with Janisol doors, including a sliding doorset which is almost invisibly integrated in the façade. To achieve a sharp lining, special laserwelded sharp-edged rectangular profiles were produced. Extra corrosion resistance of these structural parts has been acquired by applying Duplex Stainless Steel; a high quality Stainless Steel mainly used for Offshore purposes. By means of a 3D model point cloud the existing façade has been surveyed precisely. The project is completely 3D engineered and produced by Octatube.

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