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The glass roof over the inner courtyard of the Frisian Natural History Museum in Leeuwarden (Netherlands) is supported by four nineteen meters high central columns, completely independent from the historical buildings. The courtyard can accommodate multiple functions and has a majestic atmosphere because of the glass roof. The contrast between old and new enhances the architectural value of both the historical premises as the roof construction.

The columns are composed of a cylindrical mid section of a 406 millimeters tube with conical rolled parts at the top and bottom, of which the diameter transcends to 50 millimeters. At the top of the columns the roof is suspended at a height of eleven meters by cables that transfer the dead and snow loads.
At the bottom of the roof pressure rods stabilize the roof to the columns and strengthen the roof for wind suction. The roof measures 25x25 square meters and is accommodated with 60 automatically operable windows for ventilation. Together with rubber bands, these are also the connection to the roof tiles of the existing building.

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