Fletcher Hotel A2 Amsterdam

The new Fletcher Hotel in Amsterdam has opened its doors in January. The building has been designed by Benthem & Crouwel Architecten, and is a landmark near the A2 highway at the southeast of Amsterdam. The 60 meters high tower catches the eye from all sides because of its round shape. This design stemmed from the desire the municipality had: to boost the location with a characteristic building. Inside the hotel there are 120 hotel rooms, 9 meetings rooms, a gym, a lobby and at the top of the tower a panoramic restaurant with a sky-lounge, providing a wide view over the surroundings.

The double skin façade plays an important role in the building. The total image of the glass façade with the screen print, the structural inner façade and the glass entrance and restaurant fronts give a spectacular view of different overlapping blue bolls, visible from the highway at both day and night.

The hotel is open for the public on saturday the 9th of March, together with a lot of other towers in Amsterdam.
Visit the website of the Open Tower Day for more information.



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