New project: Blackrock Shopping Centre

Blackrock is a suburb of Ireland’s capital Dublin. Just off the main street you’ll find Blackrock Shopping Centre, a shopping center originally built in 1984. Blackrock Village Centre is currently being refurbished and redeveloped, as part of a larger urban development plan, initiated by Aviva. 
The Blackrock Shopping Centre will bring together offices, retail and hospitality. The refurbishment, designed by Lafferty Architects, entails an upgrade of the common areas as well as an extension in square meters. 

Image: Lafferty Architects

Octatube has been invited as a Design & Build partner to cover the existing courtyard of the shopping center with a steel and glass gridshell canopy. Underneath the canopy three fluent tree-shaped columns branch out under the grid. When seen from above, these steel columns have a diameter of 9 meters.

The roof surface is about 1100 m2 and the steel canopy will be lifted up from the roof keeping it open to the climate, allowing for natural ventilation. It will be covered with glass panels bringing daylight into the courtyard. 

The design was engineered and optimized by our engineers, who were challenged to keep aesthetic detailing in mind, while at the same time making sure not to give in on structural strength. 

We have aimed to make the transition from column to canopy as smooth as possible, minimizing connections. It should feel as one fluent whole, in line with the desire of Lafferty Architects. 

“Octatubes' ingenuity has appropriately captured the original design intent effortlessly. The structures elegant fluidity will become a focal point for this centres transition from old to new”.   
Oliver Nolan, architect / Lafferty Architects

During the installation the shopping center will stay open. This of course brings along challenges in terms of logistics. Everything must be packed and distributed to the site in the right order. 

Blackrock Shopping Centre is aimed to be completed in 2020. Keep an eye on our website and social media to stay in the loop!

In partnership with Lafferty Architects, Collen Construction, Murphy Façade Studio and Aviva.


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