Octatube disassembles Paperdome

In the history of the now 9 year old Paperdome it has been disassembled this week. The intention is that it will be rebuild in Amsterdam-Noord.

Choreographer Jeanette van Steen had initiated architect Shigeru Ban to design a temporary theatre on the location of IJburg, Amsterdam. The Japanese architect designed a dome spanning 30 meters, constructed of cardboard tubes. In the spring of 2003 the Paperdome has been produced and assembled in IJburg within only 7 weeks, after which the dance group 'Groep van Steen' performed shows for 6 weeks. In the summer of 2004 the Paperdome has been rebuild in Leidsche Rijn (Utrecht) as a temporary multifunctional space. The dome would exist for 5 years, after which the idea was to recycle all building materials that had been used. Now - after 9 years - the Paperdome is likely to get a third life and second redesignation. The initiative 'safe the Paperdome' has contributed to this.

The Paperdome was hte first cardboard project that Octatube has been executed in collaboration with Shigeru Ban: a building with a primary construction maid of cardboard, suitable for the Dutch weather. The design is based on a geodetic dome, invented by Buckminster Fuller. In this structure it is possible to make a 30 span in an efficient way.

Next to the Paperdome Octatube has also executed a cardboard sculpture and a cardboard bridge, both with Shigeru Ban and both in France. A fourth cardboard project of Octatube is a spaceframe for the Ring Pass in Delft. This is a permanent cardboard structure.



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