Remarkable pavilion realised in London

Octatube has realised a new and contemporary pavilion in the Grand Courtyard of The OWO, the former Old War Office In Whitehall, London. The shiny, mirror-polished 3D stainless steel panels lying in a mathematical pattern on the roof give the design its striking appearance. This project was a “how to build it”- adventure.

The pavilion is a poetic design by Dae Wha Kang Desing. Octatube translated this highly bespoke design into a technical proposal and was appointed to engineer and build it. The pavilion’s extraordinary geometry has no straight lines and, therefore, required bespoke solutions, a high degree of skill, expertise, attention to detail and handcrafting.

The result is stunning and a true eye-catcher: the light and mirrors of the polished steel create a dynamic and ever-changing visual experience. The material’s durability and longevity ensure that the roof will stand the test of time, just like its surroundings.

We realised this remarkable pavilion in close interplay with DaeWha Kang Design,  Arup,  Ardmore Grou,  Fielitz GmbH.

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Photographed by Kyungsub Shin


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