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Trouw – No wet feet in cardboard house
Architects are discovering cardboard as a building material. Cardboard can be re-used, is cheaper ... is the roof structure of the clubhouse, made of cardboard tubes." Read the entire article

...Ban is internationally recognized for his cardboard structures. Octatube has collaborated ... of a membrane covered geodesic theatre to a cardboard bridge. Despite the temporary nature of ... has made great steps in the development of cardboard tube construction in recent years, and ... 

Octatube disassembles Paperdome
...a dome spanning 30 meters, constructed of cardboard tubes. In the spring of 2003 the ... to this. The Paperdome was hte first cardboard project that Octatube has been executed ... a building with a primary construction maid of cardboard, suitable for the Dutch weather. The ... 

Paper Bridge
The temporary cardboard bridge near Avignon in the south of France, has a span of 20 meters and is ... has a span of 20 meters and is build up by 280 cardboard tubes, each with a diameter of 115mm ... Roman aquaduct the Pont du Gard in France. The cardboard structure has been installed and ... 

Shigeru Ban wins Pritzker Prize
...2014. Octatube has realised three temporary cardboard structures with Ban: a bridge, a ... this prestigious award. Shigeru Ban at the Cardboard Bridge in Vers-Pont-du-Gard (AFP / ... approach to materials such as paper tubes and cardboard. Between 2004 and 2007, Octatube has ... 

Paper Sculpture
As the second project in the series of cardboard projects that were designed and built in ... This work of art can be considered as a cardboard space frame, of which the form ... served as an umbrella protecting the varnished cardboard tubes from moisture.

The Paperdome was the first cardboard project collaboratively executed by Octatube and architect ... on a 10-frequency subdivision and consisting of cardboard tubes. It was produced and installed ... 

...has also realized many projects with composites, cardboard and cladding materials.