Reciprocal frame hoisted at C30

Over the past week we have been building up the gridshell roof for Shell's C30 building in a specific order. First the edge beams, then the tension rods and from there the corners and the other frames. A square-shaped void of 21x21 meter remained in the center of the roof. As the structure cannot rest on the scaffold, this last part had to work as a reciprocal frame.

Friday the 6th of November marked one of the most challenging and spectacular efforts in the realization of this roof: it was time to place the reciprocal frame. Working with two cranes simultaneously, we placed the four ladder frames. Every frame supports, and in turn is supported by, the others. The frames close the roof – resulting in a structurally stable construction that needs no central support.

Besides the smooth assembly - the reciprocal frame was placed in 7 hours - we were particularly proud to witness its perfect fit. It showcases the far reaching perks of advanced prefabrication. Nothing but praise to our colleagues at engineering, production and assembly and their dynamic collaboration from the moment the design was on the table.

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