illuminating the classic
revitalizing monuments
crystal-clear ingenuity
groundbreaking glass structures
innovative glass structures
glass fin craftmanship
developing structural glass concepts
covering identity
using parametric design
achieving structural lightness
composing cable facades
complex structural steelwork
creating architectural poetry
integrating the old with the new
facilitating transparency
realizing challenging architecture
giving wings to free form architecture
overcoming assembly challenges
taking up challenging designs

Realizing challenging architecture.

Octatube brings bold, complex and challenging designs of facades, roofs and other architectural structures to life with innovative bespoke solutions. As a design & build company, we offer everything needed to realise unique projects to original design.

Design & Build

A unique combination of designing, testing, developing, production and building under one roof.

Making impact

On our environment, our community and all Octans. We are proud to be a B Corp.

About us

Solution oriented, reliable and highly skilled with a passion for realizing challenging and complex architecture.

Join us!
We are always looking for talented new Octans who fit in with our community and our way of working.

Challenge us!

Octatube designs, develops and realizes challenging architectural structures, with an emphasis on high-quality applications of glass and steel. Challenge our engineers in your project!